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At AdRyde, we believe in the power of motion to drive impactful advertising experiences.

Our vision is to revolutionize the advertising landscape by leveraging the dynamic potential of automobiles as a medium. We strive to provide a one-of-a-kind advertising solution that seamlessly integrates with everyday life, delivering wide-reaching brand messages to captivate audiences on the move.

Our USPs

A D2C channel that enables our clients, businesses and the corporates, a direct connect with mass audience dynamically controlling the location, timing and prioritisation of their content to best suit the targeted consumers.

Powerful features such as Geolocation Heat Maps allow real time tracking of impressions and a portal enables rapid upload and deployment, in less than 24 hours window! This speed supports introducing limited time special campaigns, offers, promotions and reverting to normal Adverts after.

And there is more…..

Captive & Valuable Audience

Our digital advertising platform enables precise targeting, ensuring your brand message reaches the right audience at the right time. By leveraging data analytics and audience profiling, we deliver tailored ads that resonate with potential customers based on their demographics, location, and interests.

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We employ advanced geo-fencing technology to define specific areas for advertising. By creating virtual perimeters, we can precisely target specific locations to maximise impact, allowing you to only reach the consumers that matter most.

Track Your Ads in
Real Time

Our digital advertising solution provides real-time campaign monitoring and analytics. You can track the performance of your ads, measure engagement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing strategy. This transparency empowers you to adjust your campaigns on the fly, ensuring maximum effectiveness.


Rapid Deployment of Ads

Our digital advertising company ensures fast deployment of ads, getting them approved and live within 24 hours, offering you the flexibility to swiftly reach your audience in a timely manner and maximize your brand exposure.

Interactive and Engaging Content

Our digital advertising platform allows for interactive and engaging content, going beyond traditional static ads. Incorporating rich media formats, such as videos, animations, and interactive elements leveraging mobile connectivity through QR codes and scratch codes, we capture the attention of viewers and create memorable brand experiences.



In-vehicle advertisement gives 275x more dwell time than billboard banners.

20-30 mins






15 s


As we move away from print ads and into a world of highly complex, fast-paced, disruptive mobile advertising that offers increasingly dimishing returns in the form of retention and attentiveness, AdRyde offers an optimal equilibrium. With in-vehicle advertising, we retain the efficiency and impact of large scale print advertising whilst maintaining an ease of integration and a high degree of flexibility. See some of the unique advantages AdRyde can offer you below:

Wide spanning reach that moves with you

Localized Advertising


Extended Exposure

Our Trusted

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