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Investor Relations


We firmly believe in the unique proposition of this idea, the power of its effectivity and the tremendous prospects it brings. As a result we are fully invested with 100% bootstrap equity until the pre-launch.  


On the back of strong progress achieved since our launch, we are proud to announce that AdRyde is now ready to scale up.  We are now inviting interest from strategic investors who like to be part of our exciting growth journey. 2024 is looking very promising as we continue to expand our horizons into other cities. 


Who are we?

A blend of 2 generations harnessing the dynamic synergy between a vibrant and driven younger generation and seasoned industry experts to bring ground-breaking concepts to life.


Our esteemed founder and director, a true luminary in the FINTEC industry, commands over two decades of unparalleled expertise, spearheading a triumphant international FINTEC practice from the heart of the United Kingdom.


Our young enthusiast co-founders are infusing the cutting-edge scientific principles with a rigorously constructed mathematical model to take objective measurement to new heights.

Our Team of Technical Gurus bring our vision to reality with a state-of-the-art technology platform that delivers an uninterrupted and extraordinary experience

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