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Why In-Vehicle Ads

As we move away from print ads and into a world of highly complex, fast-paced, disruptive mobile advertising that offers increasingly dimishing returns in the form of retention and attentiveness, AdRyde offers an optimal equilibrium. With in-vehicle advertising, we retain the efficiency and impact of large scale print advertising whilst maintaining an ease of integration and a high degree of flexibility.

In-vehicle advertisement gives 275x

more dwell time than billboard banners.

20-30 mins








How We Create Value

See some of the unique advantages AdRyde can offer you below:

Wide spanning reach that moves with you

Vehicles are constantly on the move, allowing advertisements to reach a diverse range of locations and audiences. This mobility provides extensive exposure to potential customers across various neighborhoods, cities, and regions.


Unlike some forms of advertising that interrupt or disrupt consumers' activities or are heavily invasive in terms of consumer data collection, vehicle advertising is non-intrusive and protects the privacy of consumers. It integrates into the daily environment without imposing on the audience, allowing for a more positive and receptive reception of the message of your brand.

Localized Advertising

Vehicles can effectively target specific local markets, making them suitable for local businesses and regional marketing campaigns. Ads can be strategically displayed in specific neighborhoods, near shopping centers, or at events, enabling precise targeting and increased relevance. By reaching consumers in their immediate surroundings, vehicle advertising can foster a sense of local connection and community engagement.

Extended Exposure

Vehicle advertisements have the potential for extended exposure. As cars travel through different areas and remain visible for extended periods, the ad message can reach a larger audience over time, maximizing the impact and recall of the brand.

A look at the current advertising space

Digital and television have consistently been the highest performers in advertising in India.


AdRyde situates itself at an intersection between the no-skip, grandeur of television advertising that allows brands to retain a certain brand image, and the cutting-edge, personalized experience of digital advertising.

Why Go Digital?

Going digital offers you a front-row seat to the digital revolution unfolding right now in India. Digital is set to have the highest growth across all advertising media in the coming years.


‘With the accelerated business transformation happening with digital at its core, we expect digital to have the highest spend share of 38%, catching up with television by the end of 2023.’

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